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Plastic Injection Machines




Screw diameter mm 30 ~ 190
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 18 ~ 25.7
Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 159 ~ 30,000
Shot Weight g 144 ~ 27,500
Injection Pressure MPa 252  ~ 119
Injection Rate g/s 63 ~ 1800
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 9.2 ~ 270
Screw Speed rpm 240 ~ 70
Nozzle Touch Force kN 37 ~ 270
Stroke of Nozzle mm 220 ~ 1190


Clamping Force kN 900 ~ 25,000
Stroke of Moving Plates mm 310 ~ 1850
Mould Thickness (min-max) mm 130 ~ 1950
Space between TIE-BARS mm 360×360 ~ 1800×1650
Hyd. Ejector Force kN 34 ~ 458
Hyd. Ejector Stroke mm 100 ~ 450
No. of Ejector pcs 5 ~ 33
Others Pump Motor Power kW 11 ~ 45+55+55+55
Heating Power kW 6.4 ~ 170
Machine Dimension (L×W×H) m 4.3×1.2×1.8 ~ 19.3×4.3×5.1
Machine Weight ton 3.2 ~ 165
Hopper Capacity kg 25 ~ 400
Oil Tank Capacity L 210 ~ 4100

Complete technical data and specific characteristics of our Plastic Injector machines are listed in our quotation. Please contact our technical sales engineers for further details.



Blow Molding Machines


There are total 5 series Blow Molding Machine available now. The most popular model fits to blow a wide variety of mineral water bottles, edible oil bottles, and detergent bottles made of PET and PE. This series has a unique perform feeding system and bi-oriented blowing technology. It is the key to shaping high quality bottles. 

PET molder for hotfillable PET bottle is presented for hot fill bottles, such as fruit juices, isotonic drinks and tea. PET heat resistant PET molders are special designed according to the effect on PET material. 

blow moder for making PP bottle is dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical packaging and high temperature hot-fillable heat resistant bottles. Today PP is used widely for pharmaceutical packaging, where PP's chemical resistance and suitability for steam sterilization prove a winning combination. Blow molder for making pp bottle is presented according to the properties of PP material, the specialized perform oven makes sure of the quality when shaping bottles. 

Automatic blow moulding machines separate the baking tunnel and blowing unit with a result of speedy blowing and higher output. As a linear automatic PET stretch blow moulding machine, its blowing speed can be measured up to the international standard with the capacity of 1500BPH with one cavity and 4300BPH with four cavities. automatic blow molding machine adopts four-plate clamping unit so that improves the blowing speed and bottle output and it can produce 3800 bottles an hour

Complete technical data and specific characteristics of our Blow Molding machines are listed in our quotation. Please contact our technical sales engineers for further details.

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