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Letter of the manufacturer:

Our worldwide presence enables us to state that today our machinery is working in over 50 countries in the world, on the five continents. We strongly believe that it is essential to constantly update equipment and skills to respond to market demands. A complete product range, high standard and reliability are the main reasons why hundreds of clients have decided to use our equipment.

We can offer a wide range of machinery and special equipment.

Fin Lines, Fin Presses, Fin Dies, Expanders, Hairpin benders, return bend and sizing machines, Tube cut-off and forming, Brazing and Welding lines. These are just the most popular ones. Washing lines, Aluminum Coating lines, Painting lines and others. Whatever the client needs we try our utmost to offer.


General Machines

Fin Press including Decoiler & Stacker



Fin Press

We designed our fin press in 1974. Since more than 25 years we are constantly upgrading and developing our machines. The components, either mechanical, electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic, are subjects of research and development. Our aim is to offer the latest technology and ensure reliability as well as performance.

Our presses aren’t just presses; they are fin presses. It means that each detail has been carefully evaluated in order to offer the best possible machine capable to produce fins. The range includes 5 basic models and each model at least three different versions as to tonnage and configuration. Practically 15 different machines, among them you can surely find the one closer to your expectations and needs. In order to complete the machine, you can select among several accessories, evaluating with our engineers the best applicable solution. Electronic control is made by using last generation PLC, in this way further possibilities are offered, such as diagnostics and dialogue with other computers, either directly or by LAN.

We are really proud to be the European manufacturer who has designed the first fin press and share our satisfaction with all our clients who are using our machine since many years. Their satisfaction spurs us to continue in our job and bring to you all our capability.

Production line of special specifications can be made subject to the user's requirements.


Fin Die


Fin dies represent the most significant and outstanding part of our technology. The experience in fin die manufacturing dates back to the early 1950s. Since we designed our first die in 1972, we have been working daily to improve and evolve. Thanks to new materials and new manufacturing technology available. Thanks to experience growing day by day, built on the field, acquiring daily wider know-how and maintaining the market leadership. We design is mainly a modular one. Each die unit is independent, with independent die shoes, guides and columns. This peculiar design ensures flexibility, precision and quick change over. Available in several versions to satisfy different markets: air conditioning, refrigeration, automotive. For each segment we developed our technology and we can now offer our experience, along with quality and reliability. Draw-less die, draw-type die, special design for evaporative oil use, super slit louver, v-waffled surface and more, all of them easy to adjust, easy to maintain, easy to change. Materials used are subject of research, in order to find the most appropriate one for every requirement, combined with high level workmanship to be sure of high precision. We do believe that only by investing and concentrating all our efforts we can really offer what the market is looking for. Our fin die is the guarantee of high quality fins.



We developed a range of machines capable to cut tube to length, besides straightening and sizing it. It’s economically convenient to buy tube wound in coils and cut it to length as required in production. Our cut-off lines are suitable to work copper, aluminum, cupro-nickel as well as other materials. A wide range of tube diameters and thicknesses is possible. Quick tool changeover, high production speed and high precision in length and straightness. All machines are controlled by a PLC and length set-up, as well as cycle counting, is electronically performed. In addition we offers special end forming, such as belling on the tube, always in automatic mode. our cut-off line is one of our answers to modern requirements.


Tube Bender (Hair Pin Bender)



In any case of small production, and when hairpins are used occasionally, it could be advisable to have a semi-automatic machine, in order to satisfy specific needs. The machine is fed with tubes cut to length and performs tube bending, as well as the first length of ejection, which is then to be completed manually, thus apart from loading/unloading all other functions are carried out automatically like on a normal automatic machine. The machine is available in 3 basic models: 2, 4 or 6 tubes. All hairpins can have the same dimensions (diameter and center-to-center), or else fully individual dimensions. In this last case the machine doesn’t require any tool change, reducing set-up time to the minimum. Even the semi-automatic machine brings the advantage of variable bending speed, and individual micro lubrication, as well as a high level of controls and quality of components. It offers the real innovative solution in the field of hairpin bender machines. A new and really innovative compact machine shape, to reduce floor space without any loss in performance and quality. As usual we focused our research on flexibility, reliability and performance. We offers a wide range of possible solutions as the first guarantee that our semi-automatic hairpin bender machine is a really customized machine.



Vertical, Horizontal, Portable


Expanding of coils is one of the most diversified areas in coil manufacturing. Huge variety in coil dimensions, different tube materials, different tube thicknesses. All matters creating the real individual type of each requirement, each of these variables demanding a different solution. This is the reason for us to explore each market segment, locate the real need and study the most suitable solution, one need one answer. We are really proud to say that in our range almost any application can find a proper method. Starting from a single tube expander up to a multi-rod expander, 400 rods. Possibility to have a fully automatic control: automatic height set-up as well as single rod selection. On the multi-rod vertical expander, equipped with NC, the set-up time has been reduced to less than 5 minutes, offering the highest flexibility on the market. Special care in design, along with high level of controls and quality of components, offers the real innovative solution in the field of expander machines. With the horizontal expander we give the solution for the expansion of stainless steel and other hard materials. We offer different machine combinations, capable to satisfy requirements in most production aspects. A new and really innovative compact machine shape, to reduce floor space and useless weight, without any loss in performance and quality. As usual we focused our research on flexibility, reliability and performance. Easy to operate, easy to maintain. We offer a wide range of possible solutions as the first guarantee that our expander is a really customized machine.

Sizing & Ring insertion Machine



Machine designed for the sizing of return bends as to tube roundness and center-to center, plus brazing ring insertion: it is a complement of the return bend machine as it slips the brazing rings onto the return bend, to allow the further processing with the automatic brazing machine. This model is the latest design, studied and produced by the factory, aimed at offering the most advanced technology. Special care has been taken to reduce set-up time and to achieve easier and quicker maintenance (with does not require any special skill). The great flexibility reached, the complete equipment, the optional list, the real reliability makes this model one of the most advanced technical solutions to be used in modern manufacturing processes. Sizing is accomplished by means of two punches. Upon request the machine can be equipped with a special unit to taper both ends, for easier insertion into the tubes.


Blanking Machine


The blanking machine is devised for manifold production. The material to be processed can be copper, steel or other material on demand. It is offered in two basic versions: automatic and automatic with NC control. No mechanical difference, just a difference in machine control. The NC version is equipped with a built-in or peripheral computer, which results in easier and quicker machine set-up. The operator merely needs to enter the data identifying the manifold to be processed and the machine automatically calculates the cycle. Another advantage of the NC controlled machine is the possibility to store production data for future use. Available in three models: punching, drilling and combined. In the latter version the machine is equipped with a double working head. Specially designed for the manufacture of coil manifolds, flexible and easy to use, suitable for all production requirements, both for small and large size coils.

For years coil bending has been a problem solved by the final client with different and sometimes empirical methods. Now we can offer a machine suitable to this purpose. This is the latest model studied and carried out with the aim to offer the up-to-date technology, a further proof that we are paying special attention to all market needs and that it is engaged to find the right solutions. With this kind of machine we have now considerably reduced the risk to damage the coil, by confining the operator’s action to coil loading and unloading: all other operations are made in sequence and automatically. The machine has been devised and equipped with safety devices. The high versatility achieved the complete standard equipment and the high reliability makes this model one of the most advanced technical solutions to be employed in modern manufacturing processes. The coil bending machine has been studied to perform coil bending both with L and U shape.

Automatic Assembling Machine


The new machine for automatic assembling of fin parcels is specially designed for automotive application. It includes 4 processing units: fin parcel loading station, tube insertion station, expanding station, tube end expansion station. The various processing steps will take place simultaneously on all units. Floor to floor time will thus be determined by the processing step that requires the biggest amount of time (max. 1 minute). A new pallet handling system, specially worked out by our company, will cause any stress due to severe processing to be absorbed directly by the machine frame and not by the pallets, which would otherwise have to be reinforced with steel plates, thus increasing their weight. The first machine has been designed in 1990 and the latest development, together with the demand to reduce maintenance time and increase work safety, results in the new design. It is a real solution for car radiator production.
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