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Pipe Forming & Sealing Machine
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Pipe Forming & Sealing Machine

Application Scope

  • Products like as home furniture, motorbikes, pneumatic cylinders, beach chair, exhibition frames and any product that needs seal up or one-hole only, may be produce with this machine.


  • This machines are used to sealing the tube end without welding or using plastic covers. Machine is able to leave small hole on tube ends according to the customer requirements.
  • Operator can adjust the radius of the end of the tube.
  • All kinds of metal tubes such as mild steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel can be formed.
  • Easy and safe to operate because of the automatic operation control.
  • Machine is equipped with mould quick change system which help to work with different application and specifications.
  • Machine works stable and does not require extra cooling piping because of air cooling system.

Other Machines

  • Other Machines like as Tube Groove Forming, are available upon customer's request. please send your drawings or samples.
Complete technical data and specific characteristics of our machines are listed in our quotation. Please contact our technical sales engineers for further details
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