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Burr Free Cutting Machine

Application Scope

  • Products like as home furniture, motorbikes, pneumatic cylinders, beach chair, exhibition frames and any products that need cutting may be produce with this machine.


  • This machines is different from common pneumatic pipe cutting machines and handles the cutting of thin and thick tubes very quickly.

  • All kinds of metal tubes such as mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, lead and stainless steel can be cut as good as PVC tubes.

  • Connection with a non-skid rolling assistant cup permits the cutting to be easier, faster and neat. No iron scraps and no wastes.

  • Whenever bearing bracket moving up and down, cutter blade always stays at a fixed supporting point between special steel wheels so as to make full use of its highest performance and accuracy.

  • Easily-operated, even by an unprofessional person. Cutter blade can be sharpened by client himself to keep cost down.

  • Compact design, nice looking, stable base and space-saving

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